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How to convert CSV to GPX?

Click the «Choose files» button and select the CSV files you want to convert to GPX.

Select «GPX» as the target format. Click «Convert» to start converting CSV to GPX. It only takes a few seconds.

Done! Your CSV file has been converted to GPX format. You can download it to your device.

.csv CSV converter

A Comma-Separated Values (CSV) is a file that stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain text. Each line of the file is a data record. Each record consists of one or more fields, separated by commas.

.gpx GPX converter

GPX (GPS Exchange Format) is a lightweight XML data format to interchange GPS data (waypoints, routes, and tracks) between applications and Web services on the Internet. The GPX format is open and can be used without the need to pay license fees. Location data (and optionally elevation, time, and other information) is stored in tags and can be interchanged between GPS devices and software.

Advantages of MiConv

CSV to GPX online

You don't need to download and install any software to convert .csv files to .gpx format. All conversions take place in the cloud.

File security

Don't worry about your files. Only you have access to them. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Fast and free

Convert your csv files to gpx in 2 clicks. And don't pay anything for it! Our CSV to GPX Converter is free for all users.


👨‍💻 Can I convert csv to gpx on Mac, Linux, Android, or iPhone?
Of course, MiConv is a multi-platform online tool. You can use our CSV to GPX converter on any device that has a web browser.
💾 How many csv files can I convert to gpx with MiConv?
You can convert up to 120 csv files in 1 hour. This limitation can ensure stable CSV to GPX conversion.
🚀 How fast is your CSV to GPX converter?
MiConv will convert most .csv files to .gpx in a few seconds. But if the csv file is very large, the conversion may take 1-2 minutes.
💚 MiConv is awesome! How can I support your project?
Thanks! Share MiConv on Facebook, Twitter, your website. This helps our tools grow.

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